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I'm aloud......are you????

I'm against reservation. Are you?

a journey for life time

a journey for life time an unknown destination

the family and the village

Though the incidents made her sad she knew that she can correct all that. She didn't tell anybody about her mission but she had planned that all well and knew how to play her cards....At about 5am they reached hasini's village....Though it was dark hasi could clearly remember the was the same nothing changed...but when she entered the village border some of the houses were which were small cottages that time became big two storeyed buildings....The village looked both rich and poor.....some houses were big and some were still cottages....She remembered her place....but there was nothing but a big godown...she was confused...Then someone recognised her "my that you???...oh no! thin u have become..."...Hasi also recognised her as her good old maid...she smiled at her...Then the old woman stared at dimple,payal and Ajay....Hasi began to laugh and looked at all the three of them...."arey dadi....these are my friends "....and she introduced her to them...They also smiled at her...then Hasini inquired about her home which was earlier there...Dadi became sad and she began to narrate all that happened after she left that place....According to her...after hasi went away....though there was a big commotion of her running all became normal in two days and nobody bothered about her except her mother...Her father and her brother became addicted to that black market business that they even stopped their usual milk business....Most of the people here became a part of that....Many people came there and took some signatures or thumb impressions and gave some boxes....most of the houses had these boxes....Then came a day when some of the men of that company came and told that all of them should vacate their houses as they had been written to them by the owners.....Hasini's father was also among the big men...All of them who helped those black suit men lost everything....Now the village has been divided into two...all of them who had lost their assets lived on the other side of the village and it was a fact that the village head, the political leader and some others are involved in though everyone knew who are the reason for this no one did anything because of the money power and man power of those men....Now recently it has been declared by the govt. that there will be big biotech lab in this area as the villagers have sold their property for a fair amount to the company.....All the three of them looked at each other...Ajay was dumbstruck...what he came for was different and here was another problem which was not that easy to solve....Hasini was also thinking the same thing....As they were thinking of this...they came to a small thatched house with some buffalo in the shed.....She looked dumbstruck at her mother!!!!

The past breeze

Though she remained silent she thought of the incidents that happened before....It was a normal day there in the village. As usual Hasi completed her petty chores in her home and was getting ready for school. Hasi's father, a middle aged person , came home and said"From today you'll not be going to school. I've got a proposal for you and you'll be getting married in a month from now...", he said and went away. She was just 16 years old then. She knew she'll be facing this situation and she was counting the days and lo! here was the day. Naturally she felt like crying and went to her mother....who was bedridden because of stomach ulcer. Hasi cried and cried but she can do nothing...she thought...why is this happening to her. She looked at her mother. Hasini clearly understood her mothers feelings though she doesn't say anything. She loved her mother very much. She knew the way her mother protected and defended her till today cos all her friends got married at an young ge but she was not just because of her mother. But now nobody can do anyhing. Nothing reached her mind...what can she do now. She again looked at her mother. This time she understood what her mother was trying to say....She decided...'yes, i should go away from here...from this hell...this insane persons...i should study...i cannot leave my life another insane and make my mother unhappy. It's better to be far away and make her feel satisfied that i'm alive,'....Thus she decided and set out. she looked one last look at her mother and devised a plan. That was a very cold night. The village was very quiet and Then hasi got up. She ran as fast as she could to the nearby forest. Imagine a 16 yr old girl in a forest alone at a dreary night. But she has to. She already knew where to go. She got all the information about the same christian missionary in their village which was present in the city. She was standing at the bus stop. She suddenly saw some figure nearing her. She was panic stricken...It neared her more and it was near a touchable position. It was none but her close friend Rinku....She also wanted to run along with Hasini. Both of them felt safe and happy for their future. Bus came and they sat side by side. The bus only went a few yards when the bus was stopped....Rinku who was by the window...peeped out...She looked a group of men and among them her father. She didn't want to go but if she doesn't then they'll find both of them. She acted and decided fast. She stood up..Hasi looked at her"Good bye, hasi...take care of yourself and never come back here again. Our lives have been toiled and tortured...if at all you come back...i'll not be there to see cos i can't live here as a slave....Good bye forever dear..." She went away without even looking back at Hasi and the bus moved on. She can hear her cries...but the bus moved. After that Hasi never got any information about her village and now after 3 long years she's going there....on a mission which nobody knows....

The journey & the past....

After reading the ad......Hasini decided to go to her village. Payal became tensed and called Dimple. So all them talked about it and decided to go there. As Payal has to seek permission from her dad...she asked Gowri to talk as her lecturer and thereby all of them can go. Gowri aunty said that it's not good to tell lies and so she went and asked Payal's father and explained the situation to him. "Please uncle, i need payal's help and support...the more people with me the more i can talk back and the more i'll be safe,"...He thought for sometime and agreed and said..."It's ok...but when i ak for a help...will u girls help me????",...without another thought they said yes chorously and packed things. They got into the bus at night. When they setteld they were approached by was Ajay!!!! Dimple was happy inside but showed nothing and looked as if surprised along with others.... "Hey...what are you ppl doing here??,"..."That's the question we shd ask Ajay...what are you doing in the bus???"....."I'm going to a village near Adilabad which is situated at the border of Orissa and to deal a case there...where are you ppl going????..its odd time...that too the trio got a proposal????"....he winked at Dimple...she ignored him...But nobody answered him. He understood the situation and sat behind them....He had a file with him....He started reading it...Unexpectedly Hasini looked at it and she was shocked to see the photo of Chameli!!!!! "Its chameli rite???? What happened to her??? Why do u have that photo with you????Plz tell me...i wanna know....plz...."...He looked surprised at her but suppressed it and asked "Sorry's confidential...but as i said a case...this girl is missing for about three months....Nobody knew about her...but how do you know her???? Seriously, what are you girls upto.....Do you know the village???i heard that the ppl there are not humans....they do anything for money....but how come u ppl know them?????tell me girls...tell may be useful for my case.." All of them looked at each others faces...Slowly hasini started.."You know the you told it's situated at the border of the two people there are mixed group....My grandma said that all people here were a mixture of ancient rajputras and so all of them formed a sall village for themselves. They called themselves as brahmins and lived like that. But people there have been tortured for years as low cast...and so our ancestors came to a conclusion that money is the only way to get they started earning money....but money by fair means came the land was not much fertile they didn't get that much money. How it all started nobody knew but all of them got involved in blackmarket...i hate that place....women there are supressed like anything...not a single girl was literate...but when i was 7 years old a christian missionary came to my village....they somehow convinced the people and so we girls were also made to study....but most of them were married at the age of 12 or 13....there ended their life....but....but....that day....three years ago..."...she stopped telling and closed her eyes..."What happened...tell me...i can't figure out anything..." Dimple looked at him as if to be silent. He kept silent and Hasini started to look out of the window..."How can i say what can i say that i lost my best friend for my life...."....tears rolled down her eyes....Incidents happened as if they happened just days ago....the day which changed her thinking...which made her to protest her villagers fo her education.